Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunrise silhouettes

Happppy friday everyone,

Last night I was looking through some old disc's and found the below photo's, So I thought I would share them with you all today.

Their from mother’s day a few years back, I had dragged my mum & dad out of bed at some ridiculous time in the morning, and we drove up to Sandgate beach (QLD). I took my camera along, so as we witnessed this amazing sunrise I took some cute family happy snaps. My mum was rugged up in 100 layers of jumpers, scarfs and beanies, and looked like this crazy Mongolian lady, but I still love her J

Then just to top off the incredible sunrise, 3 horses appear, running along the beach with the sun rising behind them. There was just something very magical about it, glad I had my camera along to capture this lovely morning.

Have a great weekend lovelies,
C -xx-

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