Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life at the palace

Hello me again!

Below is a shoot i did a while back, but its still one of my fav's. I worked with the AMAZING olivia, who is one of my top pics for a model.
Olivia has a great creative mind, so when i pitched her the idea of my shoot she jumped on board and styled the whole thing.

The "Palace" as the boys like to call it, is home to a few of my friends. Originally when they moved in this place was to be knocked it turned into the ultimate party "palace", as they pretty much had free range with it!

The MUA for this shoot was Amelia Axton @makeup&tiramisu who is also fantastic to work with. She is 100% someone to keep an eye on as she slowly takes over the make up world!

I hope you enjoy :)


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