Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daniel Lismore

I had the great pleasure of meeting Daniel Lismore, and staying with him, when i traveled to London last year to visit some friends/family. I also managed to sneak a shoot in as well, along with some help from my cousin, auntie and one of their friends who happened to be one of the designers for TOP SHOP. - Watch out for the post to come with the images.

Daniel is definently one of the most interesting people i have ever met, i love his lease on life, and the creations he comes up with are mind blowing.

Lismore was an internationally successful model, based in Milan, getting paid five figure sums for the most prestigious of fashion campaigns. There was no doubting Lismore's beauty, but as the fashion industry naturally proved to be a fickle business, Lismore edged further away from it. He moved back to London where he started to found a fashion movement, based entirely on the acquisition of experiences. His messages were freedom, love, equality and colour. London responded rambunctiously.
Below is a Video and some photo's i have found, i hope you enjoy.

Video and Photography Alec Maxwell and Herod
Styling Daniel Lismore
Music Larry Tee
Video Link: Daniel Lismore/i-D Magazine
Images Below taken from:




The last two pictures above, are from when i stayed with Daniel and my cousin Zack, just having some fun playing around in his costume boxes and watching Daniel's creation come to life before a big night out, on stage with Ke$ha.

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