Thursday, April 7, 2011


Happy Friday everyone,

Today im very excited to let you all know I have been collaborating with my amazing friend, designer and entrepreneur, for an incredible shoot this Sunday for her label FEATHERHEAD. Were shooting around the streets of Sydney with two HOT models, an incredible creative team and amazing designs.
So keep an eye out for the final product, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Philomena Kwok started out 6 years ago, and now at only 27, she's taking on the world, has a full time job, studies, has three businesses and in any spare time she has creates these INCREDIBLE headpieces for fashion shows or photo shoots. Philomena also took out the Rebecca Twigley Award in 2010, and has worked for such clients as Tangent magazine & Escanda.

I had the pleasure of having some head and body pieces, made especially for some of my editorial shoots. Below are some images from fashion shoots, runways and press for her amazing label FEATHERHEAD.

Please check out her website and facebook, she is one talented little girl. Xx

Image from Tangent Magazine

Image from Tangent Magazine

Taken from Tangent Magazine

White Party @ Ivy 2010


From Escanda runway


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